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Julio Hernández López: Shipyard

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Julio Hernández López: Shipyard

▲ PLANT IN SAN LAZARO. A group of people demonstrated yesterday outside the Chamber of Deputies in support of the electrical reform promoted by López Obrador.Photo Jose Antonio Lopez


or President López Obrador left the former Secretary of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero, in a good place. This recent Monday, in his morning press conference, the inhabitant of the National Palace confirmed that Bucareli’s departure from the person who now chairs the Senate’s board of directors was due to disagreements with the then very influential legal adviser, Julio Scherer Ibarra, and to a kind of operational political obstruction that has been supplied by the successor, Adán Augusto López Hernández, a countryman of all the confidences of the President of the Republic (countryman and confidences that have given the licensed governor of Tabasco all the strength and field that his predecessor were denied).

The former Minister of the Court, a licensed public notary and senator in office, has confirmed that she had a long dispute with Scherer Ibarra because the legal adviser invaded strategic legal powers of the Interior. Such an invasion ended when the head of both public servants dispensed with their services: Olga would have been offered to go to a Secretary of State (there was talk of Semarnat, in charge of María Luisa Albores, or the Secretary of Labor, with Luisa María Alcalde as incumbent), but preferred to return to the Senate and preside over the directive; Julio was given a friendly exit mat, with fraternal treatment at the farewell, but with no reintegration alternative.

The case of Scherer Ibarra has been gaining negative relevance in recent weeks, due to a series of accusations before the Attorney General’s Office that attribute corrupt behavior to the former legal adviser through law firms that have been related to him. There are two accusations, from the litigant in favor of elite corruption, Juan Collado, and from businessman Alonso Ancira, which are unworthy of the background of the speakers and the interests they defend and have represented.

But the lawyer Paulo Díez Gargari has also straightened the legal finger against Scherer Ibarra, who has sustained a long litigation as a citizen against one of the multiple corruptions of the Spanish firm OHL, now called Aleática, in particular on the issue of the Bicentennial Viaduct, vibrant anthem to the transas del peñismo, intoned with enthusiasm also so far this six-year term through the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation, led by Jorge Arganis Díaz Leal.

Díez Gargari, like other complainants, assure that Scherer Ibarra took advantage of his position, of extreme confidence before the President of the Republic, to do personal and group business through lawyers of his trust (the Attorney General’s Office requests 40 years in prison for four of them: Juan Araujo, César Omar González, Isaac Pérez and David Gómez Arnau).

The stories and accusations in the case are very worrying in relation to the fight against corruption that the current federal government has proposed. It is serious to think that the legal adviser would have documents affected by dishonest and frankly corrupt interests signed before López Obrador. Díez Gargari declared that Humberto Castillejos, who was a legal adviser with Enrique Peña Nieto, and placed his cousins ​​in the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic and in a plenipotentiary commission in Michoacán, were breast children before the adventures of Scherer: https://bit.ly/3C5cOwE.


The scandal has accompanied Sandra Cuevas since her campaign and now as mayor of Cuauhtémoc, in Mexico City. The most recent thing has been the sending of balls, with a 500-peso bill attached, to those attending public events, an infamous issue that persecutes her without her managing to do more than avoid… And, while President López Obrador defends his policy of hugs, not bulletsand ensures that they are addressing the causes of violence, but that takes time, they are processesuntil tomorrow!

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