Jujuy: the storm caused posts to fall, roofs blown up and houses flooded

Jujuy: the storm caused posts to fall, roofs blown up and houses flooded

Personnel from the Ministry of Human Development, Civil Defense and firefighters carried out operations to assist the victims,

The strong storms that have been taking place in the different areas of Jujuy caused numerous inconveniences among the residents due to the ingress of water into their houses, blowing up of roofs, falling of poles and trees, among other damages, for which personnel from the Ministry of Human Development, Civil Defense and firefighters carry out operations to assist the victims, official sources reported.

The work of the crews was arranged by the most affected neighborhoods, especially in the Valleys area, that withstood a large waterfall between yesterday afternoon and this morning, with no injuries reported.

The neighborhoods that were most affected in San Salvador de Jujuy were the 14 Hectares, Las Lomas, Aeroclub, Belgrano and Alto Comedero where Civil Defense personnel carried out a survey of the damage and brought assistance to the families.

The El Pulmón picnic area, in the Malvinas Argentinas neighborhood, suffered the flooding of its facilities, which prevented its normal operation during the day, said its owner Delia Vargas, who recalled that four years ago they suffered “the same problems due to the rains and the lack of public works.”

Other towns in the south of the province affected were Palpalá, Perico, Pampa Blanca and the Lapachos due to the flooding in houses and streets, although as the day progressed the water level dropped.

In addition to damage from falling trees and poles in various parts of the province, rivers and streams flowing down from the hills caused various inconveniences in routes of the province.

This situation caused several people residents of Cusi Cusi could not return to their homes due to the flooding of the rivers, upon which they received assistance from the Ministry of Human Development of Jujuy consisting of mattresses, blankets and food reinforcements, among other elements, as reported.

yesterday, uA woman who was traveling in a van died after being dragged by the flooding of a river in the Rinconada Department of the Puna of Jujuy, while three other occupants of the vehicle were rescued, according to police sources.

According to the forecast provided by the National Weather Service, rainfall will continue in the province since the yellow alert remains.

“Until now, on average, it fell between 60 and 80 millimeters in the province and in the valleys up to 90 millimeters,” said the provincial director of Water Resources, Guillermo Sadir, who affirmed that the abundant water that has fallen in recent days is causing filtration problems. due to soil saturation.

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