Camacho on Walter Chávez: «He is a normal adviser and is an enemy of MAS»

Camacho on Walter Chávez: «He is a normal adviser and is an enemy of MAS»

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The governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho, affirmed that Walter Chávez, former strategist of the Movement Towards Socialism, “is a normal adviser and is an enemy of the MAS.”

“(Walter Chávez) He is a normal adviser and he is an enemy of the MAS. I do not see the concern if he is or is not an advisor, ”said the Santa Cruz governor, however, he did not confirm if the aforementioned work in his office.

Page Seven Digital He tried to contact Chávez, but until the closing of this edition he did not receive a response.

The former leader of the Pro Santa Cruz Committee considered that the ruling party wants to “divert attention” from the investigations into the alleged links of former President Evo Morales with “drug trafficking actors.”

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“It’s funny what the MAS does wanting to divert attention, when what the people want is answers to the investigations into the link between Evo Morales and the main actors of drug trafficking,” Camacho said this Thursday in contact with the press.

The ruling party published a statement in which it attacks Camacho and affirmed that Chávez, who also served as an adviser to former President Morales, now performs functions for the Santa Cruz governor.

“Camacho tries to contaminate the political debate with messages on Twitter, which seem to be written by his adviser Walter Chavez, a fugitive from Peruvian justice for terrorism,” says the blue party’s statement.

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