El ex alcalde de Nueva York, Rudolph Giuliani. Foto: ABC.

Judge agrees to postpone Rudi Giuliani’s testimony before Special Grand Jury

A federal judge in Georgia on Tuesday granted a request by Donald Trump’s former attorney, Rudy Giuliani, to delay his testimony before a grand jury investigating interference in the 2020 presidential election.

The judge set a tentative date for August 17, Giuliani’s health permitting.

Giuliani was scheduled to appear before a Fulton County Special Grand Jury Tuesday, but his attorneys argued his doctors had not cleared him to fly after undergoing a recent heart procedure.

Prosecutors had opposed the postponement, telling Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney they would pay for his bus or train fare to Atlanta if the former New York mayor couldn’t fly.

Giuliani is one of several high-profile Trump advisers subpoenaed to testify this month, marking a crucial stretch for the investigation taking place in that county.

New York Judge Orders Former Trump Lawyer To Testify Before Grand Jury

The former mayor of New York, suspended from practicing law in that city and in Washington DC for his false allegations of voter fraud, had argued that voting systems tampered with Georgia ballots while ignoring a manual count audit that upheld the decision. of President Joe Biden.

Giuliani also assured that some 65,000 minor voters voted in the state, more than 2,500 criminals and 800 deaths. All of those claims have been debunked by the Georgia Secretary of State, who found no underage voters, only 74 potential felony voters, and only two votes that may have been incorrectly cast on behalf of dead voters.

According to court documents, Fulton County authorities highlight Trump’s attorney’s appearance before the Georgia State Senate on December 3, 2020, in which he offered a video recording of poll workers at State Farm Arena in Atlanta with in order to display “suitcases” of illegal ballots from unknown sources, out of sight of election observers.

Within 24 hours of the state Senate hearing, the video had been debunked by the Secretary of State’s office, a Republican who concluded “no voter fraud of any kind had occurred.”

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