Juan Marte talks about the Monorail in Santiago

Juan Marte talks about the Monorail in Santiago

The president of the National Central of Transport Workers (CNTT), John Marsexpressed this Sunday that there is still no consensus between the Government and the carriers of the city of Santiago to implement the new mass transportation system monorail and Cableway.

Marte assured that if this modality is implemented in Santiago’s transport, some 22 transport routes would be affected, among which he mentioned the F, A, M, C, DT, Q, C, J, 27, K, B, O, N, NC, H, L, NC, PA, PC, U, CA, SP, among other.

He indicated that thousands of drivers who, for decades, have lived off transportation, and more than 20,000 indirect jobs would disappear with the construction of the monorail and the Cableway in the city.

Marte pointed out: “We are of the opinion that transportation must be modernized and dignified, but we are concerned that there is no concrete plan from the Dominican State to mitigate the negative impact of this massive transportation system on the men and women who have guaranteed transportation to the town without costing the state a peso”.

The president of the CNTT also indicated that carriers, investors and route operators are compelled to unite in a monolithic crusade to demand the State, especially the Government and the business community, “who today rise up with the saint and alms”, the acquired rights of thousands of men and women who have lived off transportation for more than five decades.

Technical details of the monorail

Last week, the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, in a ceremony held in the Cienfuegos sector, to the west of the city, began work on the monorail which, according to estimates, will mobilize about 40 thousand passengers per hour. In a first stage, it would have a 15-kilometer route from Cienfuegos to Beijing in the southern zone with 16 stops and would connect with a central station and the first line of the Cableway. Both would cross through the areas of greatest population density.

The director of the Office for the Development of Urban and Interurban Mobility Projects, Jhael Isa, in the last act of initiation of the works of the monorailreported that in the city of Santiago 1 million 197 thousand trips are made per day, of which 30% will be captured with the entry into operation of the system.

The new transport system will have a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour, with a train every 90 seconds during rush hour, with a capacity for 580 passengers per train, distributed in four cars of 145 passengers each.

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