Boric thanked Fernández for the gift and showed the dedication he received in his own handwriting

Boric thanked Fernández for the gift and showed the dedication he received in his own handwriting

Boric with his gift (Instagram: @gabrielboric).

The Chilean president, Gabriel Boric, thanked this Sunday night for a gift from his Argentine counterpart, Alberto Fernández, which consists of an original album by Luis Alberto Spinetta next to a letter handwritten by the President that reviews some of the musician’s lyrics.

“This record was given to me by Alberto Fernández, the president of Argentina. It is the Artaud record of Pescado Rabioso, by (Luis Alberto) Spinetta, but he had the delicacy to write me by hand the lines of the songs that made more sense to him than I thought they could be of use to me.” Boric stated through a video he posted on his personal Instagram account.

The recording began with a few seconds of Spinetta’s “Bajan” theme song being played by Boric on a turntable.

“By the way, it’s an original album from the time. It seemed like a beautiful gift to me,” he added.

President Fernandez’s handwritten letter read: “On this record, today Luis would leave you these messages.”

And he quoted some verses from the former member of the Almendra group: “Souls repudiate all confinement… this is the fever of those who wait for the awakening”; “Even if they force me, I am no longer going to say that all past times were better”; “Do not believe that there is no darkness, you just have to understand it”; “I have time to know if what I dream ends in something”; “Always dream, never believe”; and “The gossip of the world cannot catch us.”

The president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, arrived in Argentina this Sunday on an official visit to start a new stage in bilateral relations, with an intense agenda that will begin on Monday with a meeting with his peer Alberto Fernández at the Casa Rosada, where they will sign a series of bilateral agreements.

It is his first trip abroad after assuming the presidency of Chile on March 11.

Alberto Fernandez’s letter

The letter written by Alberto Fernndez
The letter written by Alberto Fernández

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