Juan Duque, Lina Tejeiro’s new boyfriend, wanted to give it to her as an intellectual and everything went wrong

Colombian actress Lina Tejeiro in recent days he has been the center of attention because he has left his eternal tusa for Andy Rivera and a new opportunity has been given in love with the musician and influencer John Duke.

The couple has been very loving lately, sending each other cute messages like ‘very direct hints’ via Twitter and sharing stories together.

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With their appearances in public they have shown that the thing is serious, even they were seen very affectionate at the airport; the story of the ‘doves’ It would have started at the end of June and everything went wonderfully because the singer even dedicated a song to him and everything.

so much now Lina as John they don’t hide their romance and how much fun they have together; The actress recently gave him a gift that the artist did not take long to show off. However, by wanting to arouse the envy of many, what she achieved was to be victim of ‘bullying’ for his bad spelling.

And it is that Lina gave him a book along with a loving note, “the world needs more dreamers like you and with the magic of your soul you will make all your dreams come true,” the actress wrote.

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The singer for his part took a picture of the detail and shared it on his networks, “Where they give you books, it is,” he wrote.

It was his words that triggered hundreds of comments from cyber users, since the man from Antioquia made a spelling error with the word “ay”, since this time he refers to a place, the correct form is “there”.

For this reason, many expressed that Juan Duque clearly needs these types of gifts to improve his way of writing.

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