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Regime Tries to Dismiss U.S. Statements on Human Trafficking in Cuba

Madrid Spain.- The Cuban regime responded this Tuesday to the recent considerations of the United States on human trafficking on the Island.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, said through Twitter that the “U.S. government lacks moral authority and deliberately lies about Cuba’s anti-trafficking performance.”

“Your slander will not tarnish the exemplary work in preventing and combating this scourge or bend our commitment to international medical cooperation,” added the Cuban foreign minister.

This Tuesday was published Report of Human Trafficking of 2022 of the US Department of State, in which it was pointed out that Cuba does not comply with the standards set by US law against this phenomenon.

During the period studied there was a “Government policy or benefit pattern” of the export programs for workers “with strong indications” of forced labor, such as the Cuban medical missions in other countries,” the document states.

Washington accused Havana of not informing the participants in these programs about the terms of their contracts, which varied from country to country, and have ranged from confiscating their passports, professional credentials and salaries, to threatening health professionals and their relatives if they left those missions.

The US further explains that the Cuban government has not reported making any law enforcement efforts to combat human trafficking.

Along with Cuba, there are 19 other countries on the “black list”, including Venezuela, Nicaragua, China, North Korea, Syria, Iran, Russia and Belarus. Cuba had been included for the first time in that report in June 2019.

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