Paraty receives the third edition of the Arte da Palavra Festival

After two years of absence, due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the Social Service of Commerce (Sesc) promotes the third edition of the Festival Arte da Palavra (Farpa) in Paraty, on the Costa Verde of the state of Rio de Janeiro, in the period from the 21st to the 23rd of this month. Previous editions were held in Pernambuco, in 2018; and in Bahia, in 2019. The program is entirely free and open to “everyone who wants to honor the event and get to know the new voices of national literature, as well as those that are already consolidated”.Paraty receives the third edition of the Arte da Palavra FestivalParaty receives the third edition of the Arte da Palavra Festival

The message was given to Brazil Agency by the Literature analyst of the National Department of Sesc, Diogo Borges. Farpa is part of the Arte da Palavras project – Sesc Readings Network, the largest national literary circuit promoted by Sesc which, throughout this year, takes 140 artists in circulation from North to South of the country, in more than 520 activities, divided into workshops on literary creation, debates between authors and oral presentations, which include poets, slammers (spoken poetry contestants) and repentistas.

Tamy Ghannam

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The official opening of Farpa will be at 2 pm, at Sesc Santa Rita, in Paraty. Only on Saturday (23), the start of activities will take place from 16:00. According to Diogo Borges, the festival is a “show of the artists who are circulating through Arte da Palavra this year”. Participating are the writer, novelist and short story writer Marcelino Freire, from Pernambuco; the poet Sony Ferseck, from Roraima, sharing a debate with Elisa Pereira, also a poet from Paraty; Tamy Ghannam, booktuber from São Paulo, among other names. Those who participate will be able to attend the dialogue tables, poetic and artistic presentations, all in connection with literature.


“Sesc has the festival as one of the pillars of our cultural policy for Brazil, which is the dissemination of different literatures that are produced throughout the country. We do not hold an exhibition with authors, writers only from Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo, or from the South/Southeast axis. We present the panorama of the literatures that are being made in the different literary aspects and developing systematic actions. Farpa shows a little of what we develop throughout the year at Arte da Palavra”, reiterated Diogo Borges.

The Literary Creation Circuit, for example, encourages the training of young writers. Orality, on the other hand, is an overview of what has been developed in terms of cordel, slam. And the Debate between Authors aims to show different literary fictions by prose writers in short stories, chronicles and novels. The festival’s program also includes a chat with the winners of the Sesc Literature Prize last year, which are Fabio Horácio-Castro, from Pará, winner in the romance with The Melancholy Reptileand Diogo Monteiro, from Pernambuco, chosen as the best short story book, with the work O que a casa cria.

On the first day of Farpa, the new edition of the Revista Palavra, an annual publication by Sesc that celebrates national authors and literature, will also be launched. Farpa’s schedule, in Paraty (RJ), can be checked on the website

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