José Horacio califica de incoherente al PRM sobre el tema de igualdad

José Horacio describes the PRM as incoherent on the issue of equality

SANTO DOMINGO.-Deputy Opción Democrática, José Horacio Rodríguez, described the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) as incoherent, because he understood that it committed itself in the campaign to support the policies of gender equality and do the opposite once he came to the Government.

Their reaction is caused by the decision of the Ministry of Education to eliminate departmental order 33-2019 that indicated the design and implementation of the gender policy in the classroom.

«I wonder, educating in equality, is it a sin? That is what that ordinance was about. In fact, what the Government has done is reflect its great inconsistency. Let’s go to page 21 of the government program of the Modern Revolutionary Party for 2020-2024. He talks about the transversal axes point 5.1 says: axis of gender equality. The PRM’s own government program promised to promote a gender policy at a cross-cutting level in all ministries that tends to guarantee what article 39 of the Constitution says that speaks of equality. Men and women are equal before the Lawreceive the same rights and opportunities and the State must promote public policies, aimed at guaranteeing them.

The legislator asserted that it is not true that said order sought to teach about the LGBT movement as its opponents came to affirm and that what it sought was to educate on equality between boys and girls.

He indicated that in the country there is discrimination for various reasons, among which he cited skin color and socioeconomic origin, declaring that the treatment given by the National Police to young people from humble strata is very different when it comes to another social caste.

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