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José Agustín Ortiz Pinchetti: Awakening in the Fourth Republic


the president wants to leave a legacy: clean and fair electoral processes. We will have to ask ourselves if the process of last June 5 is in that line; Let’s review the data. As far as citizen participation is concerned, the result was low, clearly lower than that of the previous elections in the six states where they were held.

The organization and administration of the processes was quite good, the INE complied well and the institutions that make up the security table, those that have a role in the elections (INE, SSPC, GN, Fisel, CNI, etc.) acted in a synchronized and effective manner. SG). This mechanism, which was not used in the old regime, is giving good results and a greater awareness of the risks and qualities of events is being created.

The strategic operations of quick counts, surveys and the PREP worked well. There was no evidence that the Presidency of the Republic, the Secretaries of State or the acting governors intervened in favor of their parties, with one exception.

Our Federal Electoral Crimes Prosecutor’s Office only received 30 complaints. At the state level, the local prosecutor’s offices, which were the main actors in the electoral drama, reported hundreds of complaints, but the vast majority were frivolous. In terms of security, there was a white balance for the first time in 15 years.

Something that obscures the process, stains it and twists it is politics. In campaigns it is worth disqualifying opponents, but not spreading slanderous rumours, such as accusing a party of links to organized crime without offering the least bit of evidence. Also, a vicious behavior is to proclaim winners as soon as the polls close without waiting a couple of hours for the results of the quick counts to be made public. It is not yet established the custom of recognizing the victory of opponents even when the advantage is clear. The directors of the parties insist on threatening to challenge the elections in all the states where the popular vote did not favor them.

Then another episode will come, the deluge of formal challenges that are presented before the electoral courts. Some of them may be unfounded, but most of them try to mislead public opinion. The last electoral process seems to correspond to the president’s line and the process of last June 5 was predictable, noisy and boring.

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