José A. Rodríguez asume la gerencia general de EGE Haina

José A. Rodríguez assumes the general management of EGE Haina

The generating company Electricity Haina (EGE Haina) announced the appointment of José A. Rodríguez as general manager, effective January 1, 2023, replacing Luis Mejia Brachewho held this position since 2017.

From now on, Mr. Mejía will lead INICIA’s energy platform, and will be in charge of its investments in the sector, including its shareholding in EGE Haina. Under the direction of Luis Mejía, EGE Haina achieved notable financial and operational results.

José A. Rodríguez is an electrical engineer and has an MBA. His knowledge and professional experience make him an ideal leader to continue promoting the growth of EGE Haina and its progress towards sustainability.

Before becoming the general manager of EGE Haina, Mr. Rodríguez had been senior director of Development since 2006. Throughout his sixteen-year career in the company, he has stood out for his extensive knowledge of the company and the electricity sector, its innovative ideas and the achievements it has obtained in the development of new projects.

With the endorsement of his experience and professional career, he will continue to strengthen the important role that EGE Haina plays in the national electricity sector.

EGE Haina raised 20 million dollars in the first issuance of green bonds in the Dominican Republic. File, Archive

About EGE Haina

is the main public-private company from the country. Its investments in power generation plants exceed 1,100 million dollars. It operates a diversified generation matrix and is the leader in the Antilles in non-conventional renewable energy. It has developed six wind and solar power plants in the country.

The company materializes its commitment to the development of the country through the production of sustainable energy, the growth and well-being of its employees and its continuous contributions in favor of development.

in the communities where it has a presence.

EGE Haina is the largest non-financial private issuer of corporate bonds in the local capital market. It is also the first issuer of Green Bonds in the Stock Market of the Dominican Republic and the first Dominican issuer of a Sustainability Linked Bond in international markets.

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