Home insurance: what options are there and what are the lowest prices on the market?

Home insurance: what options are there and what are the lowest prices on the market?

Given the increase in citizen insecurity, accidents and riots that are taking place in the country, the market forit is becoming more and more dynamic. What kind of alternatives exist to protect them?

The manager of Personal Lines of Pacífico Seguros, Beatriz Arenas, explained that there are basic insurances that include the repair of the property if it is affected by a fire, flood or water leaks, and even damage caused by acts of vandalism.

“Once it is determined what needs to be protected, the insurer will establish the value of the premium, which will vary according to the value of the property and the things that are in it. Prices start at S/15.2 a month,” she reported.

One point to take into account is that, to insure the house, it must be built with noble material and more than half a kilometer from the sea, river or lagoon. “In addition, it must only be used as a dwelling, not as a store or business,” he added.

For his part, Daniel Iwamoto, deputy manager of General Risk Products at La Positiva, indicated that if the property is in a condominium, it is necessary to have a surveillance service that allows you to control access to the space. “In case you are not inside one, we suggest having an alarm system with monitoring,” he added.

Likewise, he specified that more and more people are purchasing insurance for their home, with which this segment has an average annual growth of 10%.

“In addition, our home policies have coverage for strikes, civil commotion, and vandalism. In other words, before this type of demonstrations (the properties) are covered, ”he highlighted.

The Peruvian Association of Insurance Companies (Apeseg) specified that home insurance, in addition to providing economic coverage, offer benefits that will depend on the policy and the insurance company that is contracted.

“The annual infrastructure insurance rate (without content) ranges between 0.20% and 0.30% of its value. That is, if an insurer charges a rate of 0.20% and the property has a cost of S/100,000, the insurance will require an investment of approximately S/200 each year; that is, less than S/17 per month,” the union asserted.


Another aspect that Apeseg specified is that there are insurances that help businesses affected by violence and they are multi-risk. This not only covers robbery or assaults, strikes, civil commotion or vandalism that affect property, but civil liability before third parties, pipe breaks, floods and glass, natural disasters, fires, explosions, among others.

Meanwhile, from Pacífico Seguros they explain that there are also options for businesses. An example is insurance for SMEs, with coverage against theft and robbery of up to US$100,000, and US$3,000 in terms of loss of cash. In case of fires, the company explained, the coverage could be up to US$2 million and the policies can be contracted from US$6.25 per month.

Keep in mind

-Multi-risk insurance can cover the total value of the material losses of a business when it is the victim of looting, robbery and vandalism, Apeseg highlights.

-When purchasing insurance, remember to read the conditions that are established carefully.

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