Jorge Rodríguez: from the AN we celebrate the victory of peace

Jorge Rodríguez: from the AN we celebrate the victory of peace

After being ratified as president of the National Assembly for the new 2023-2024 legislative period, Deputy Jorge Rodríguez during his first speech said that the Venezuelan parliament represents the absolute victory of the Venezuelan people against evil for when it was necessary to celebrate the victory of peace.

» At this exact hour in the life of this Republic we have to decree the victory of the people of Venezuela against evil, we must celebrate the victory of peace. The truth always prevails. This is an absolute victory of the people of Venezuela against evil, we must celebrate the victory of peace. We also owe that victory to the leader of Venezuela to President Nicolás Maduro ”, he highlighted.

He also urged the deputies to remain alert and continue working to defend the Venezuelan parliament, “because victory does not imply that the danger has passed, recent examples from our continent indicate that these brutal reactions against the peoples of America will not cease.” he warned.

He urged the deputies to stay on the street, close to the town. “The Legislative Palace is a space to fulfill the function, but here we are deputies of the Republic, of the 335 municipalities of Venezuela, of the 1132 parishes that exist in the country”

«We have the function of serving as ears of the expectations, hope and vicissitudes of our people. You are not deputies from the capital, from air conditioning, those from Apure have to be there, those from Falcón, from Lara, they have to be with the people, accompanying the people.

We are in the presence of a splendid victory, we have no time to rest, these forces of reaction will continue trying their dark designs, and we tell you that here is a people that is going to confront them, a government, a president.

Mission accomplished

On the other hand, he made a comparison of how they arrived at the Federal Legislative Palace a couple of years ago and how they are now.

» Where were you two years ago and where are you now? It is you who must ensure the function of parliament, you with tenacity, audacity and intelligence, have been raising the foundations of the Venezuelan parliament, which regardless of the matrix of some media, have come to meet with the communities, to the sessions, to the commissions, to approve laws that are good for our people,” he told the parliamentarians.

Rodríguez said he was satisfied that Parliament has fulfilled the duty assigned by the Venezuelans and highlighted the aggressions that they are trying to impose on the people of Venezuela.

“Remember how two years ago we arrived here in the midst of the devastation of our physical plant, but mainly of moral devastation, the product of having twisted the sacred mission that is the defense of the people, their organizations, the constitution by those who dedicated themselves , from this venue, to request sanctions and actions, blockade, everything that would mean pain to the Venezuelan people, from a devious, infamous calculation, directed by Trump. They believed that through aggression they were going to be able to subdue the people of Venezuela, they used the spaces to do just the opposite, they used this space for evil, the complete opposite of what they had sworn to do, they used it to try to subvert the order constitutional”.

Rodríguez highlighted that the first year of the National Assembly was dedicated to the approval of laws that would bring closer and protect the people, also highlighting the approval of the formation of the new National Electoral Council and also mentioned the 11 laws dedicated to judicial reform, approved during in 2022, “to bring justice closer to the people,” he said.

«Each act was aimed at rebuilding everything that had been damaged at the time. There are many achievements that we have obtained. The only recognition that matters to us is that of the Venezuelan people… That so-called international community that decided to support lies and nothing today has nothing to say, they were speechless before reality, which always prevails. Fiction is only marvelous in literary genres, fiction in politics doesn’t exist… how can one be so psychotic and hallucinating, how can one be delirious?-he wondered.

He assured that those who are behind these plans are now in Madrid and Miami – they are no longer in Bogotá “- he said. “It was a plan that went wrong, an incomplete equation because on the left side, they failed to put the only factor that was going to cause their defeat: the dignified and peaceful, brave people of Venezuela,” he sentenced.

Rodríguez highlighted the work of the opposition parliamentarians that make up this national assembly, who, in his opinion, have demonstrated that politics can be exercised in accordance with the laws, “we can be adversaries, without being enemies. But history will have to record how a brave, tenacious man who made audacity and permanent encounter with the people the key to victory, referring to the president of the republic, Nicolás Maduro, leader of this Revolution.

For Rodríguez, this is the waning hour of Monroism. «This is the hour of total victory, in which Monroism, America’s plan for them to steal it, has its most diminished hour. An exercise of popular and peaceful uprising that ended with the reinstatement of Monroism in the American continent».

Alert and on the fight

The president of the National Assembly, Jorge Rodríguez, also urged the parliamentarians to continue defending the peace and independence of Venezuela, and to be alert to the attacks of the adversaries to continue guaranteeing the victory of the Venezuelan people.

“We cannot forget the immense damage they did by sabotaging the National Electric System (SEN), when they applauded the sanctions and blockades, they did a lot of damage… We don’t have time to rest. They have orders to comply with, they are going to keep trying, but here there is a people, a president and a Parliament in the streets. We only have to continue defeating those attempts. The defeat of wars and deaths is the victory of peace, freedom and democracy”.

Rodríguez also highlighted the reception ceremony at the Venezuelan embassy in Brazil, where the diplomatic corps was besieged for three years by fascism.

He recalled that the embassy had a Bolsonaro police patrol, so that the members of the diplomatic corps that were there, who received support from more than 600 community members, “who supported them by bringing food and medicine to our diplomats” were deported. , who were 3 years locked up in that compound, victims of fascism. We cannot rest, victory is not the end but it implies infinite challenges».

Finally, Rodríguez dedicated the reading of the poem Por los nuestros, by the poet Gustavo Pereira, creator of the preamble to the National Constitution, to those present, making a special dedication to Commander Chávez and to representatives Aristóbulo Istúriz, Earle Herrera and Darío Vivas.

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