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A police station intervened after the arrest of a woman who wanted to enforce a ruling

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A police station intervened after the arrest of a woman who wanted to enforce a ruling

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The Ministry of Security of the province of Buenos Aires The first police station of San Nicolás intervened, and suspended its headafter an environmental lawyer was beaten and imprisoned when she wanted to enforce a ruling of the Buenos Aires Supreme Court of Justice, which prohibits the carrying out of works with machinery in an area considered a natural reserve.

As confirmed by the portfolio that leads Sergio BerniGiven the events that occurred, “the intervention of the First Commissioner was ordered; Suspension of the ownership of the Crio. González Claudio.”

It was also specified that “Disciplinary Control was present, to audit the Police Section. The Internal Affairs Audit was informed, who requested a copy of the proceedings.”

As reported by the lawyer Ana Fernandez Before the San Nicolás 3 prosecutor’s office, this Wednesday, when he observed that heavy municipal machinery was entering a sector of the Rafael de Aguiar Park, in that city, he called 911 and began to record the maneuvers with his cell phone.

When the police arrived, Fernández approached the head of the first police station in San Nicolás, claudio gonzalezand handed him the resolution of the highest provincial court on paper.

Last July, The Buenos Aires Court had issued a ruling that prohibited the Municipality from executing works in an area considered a reserve for its native forestss, which was not respected by the commune, which continued with various works.

At the end of last December, the Court ruled that the mayor of San NicolásManuel Passaglia (JxC), had breached the judicial order and ordered “to order the mayor of the Municipality of San Nicolás to immediately comply with the measure referred to in the previous point, which means the stoppage of the works or works that are carried out as consequence of the provisions of the Urban Environmental Code approved by ordinance 9.949/19 and in the areas included therein, whose validity and application is suspended”.

In 2021, a municipal ordinance had changed the status of that sector, transforming it into an Ecopark, which alarmed Nicolean environmental organizations, which raised the unconstitutionality of the ordinance that enabled this change.

This Wednesday, the lawyer Fernández gave the commissioner a copy of the ruling of the highest provincial court and this, as can be seen in a video that the lawyer went viral, tore it into several pieces while advancing among the heavy municipal machinery present in the place, and approaching Fernández told her: “come on”, taking her arm.

“Where is it taking me, where?”the woman is heard screaming before the end of the recording.

Fernández was handcuffed and pushed into a patrol car, in which she was taken to the police station where she was detained for several hours.

Once free, the lawyer, who He has bruises on his arms from the mistreatment he suffereddenounced the head of the branch for “illegal constraints and injuries.”

The San Nicolás Bar Association repudiated the illegal aggression suffered by the lawyer; while the Provincial Commission for Memory requested, in its capacity as Local Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture, that the actions of police officers be investigated and those responsible be punished.

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