Joint Command: "We reject expressions that transgress our principles of obedience, discipline and non-deliberation"

Joint Command: “We reject expressions that transgress our principles of obedience, discipline and non-deliberation”

The informed that it rejects the expressions that violate its principles of “obedience, discipline and non-deliberation”, which are contemplated in the Political Constitution.

The institution’s statement comes after “some social media” spread information “On expressions in which the Armed Forces are mentioned in cases of political deliberation.”

“The Armed Forces are institutions that are owed to the State and are subordinate to the constitutional power. The laws and regulations determine our organization, as well as the preparation, functions and use of the forces, being respectful of the Political Constitution of Peru in accordance with article No. 169″, says the statement.

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This writing is released days after an audio was made public in which the president of Congress, María del Carmen Alva, is heard saying that the Armed Forces would be on the side of her institution and not with its supreme chief, the president Peter Castle.

“(Pedro Castillo) does not want to go to Congress, he has no way to defend himself, he is alone and he is…. What he wants is to pretend that the people take us out, just like (Manuel) Merino, do you understand me? Why did Merino resign if he was constitutional?, due to pressure from the calle”, he says in the material.

It should be noted that, in relation to this audio, the owner of the Legislative Board of Directors asserted that said audio was recorded illegally, is out of context and was edited.


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