They kill a young man in Anamuya de Higüey

They kill a young man in Anamuya de Higüey

Unknown persons killed a young man with multiple shots this Wednesday afternoon and wounded another in Los Ríos de anamuyaof the Higüey municipality, according to the National Police report.

The deceased is Robinson Santana Batista, 34 years oldwho is a native of the municipality of Miches, El Seibo province.

The medical examiner, Pamela Santanacertified that the victim died as a result of multiple gunshot wounds to the right arm, right hand, right anterior external chest.

Santana Batista, at the time of receiving the bullet wounds, was with the named Ramón de Jesús Santana, 61 years old, who underwent surgery in a private health center in the city and is in Intensive Care.

Ramón de Jesús Santana has a gunshot wound to the abdomen and hypovolemic shock.

The victims received the wounds of one or more people unknown until now, who were traveling in a black jeep, CR-V brand, presumably, indicates the entity of the order.

The act of blood occurred in front of the house of the deceased in the Los Ríos de anamuya.

The police authorities went to the scene and carried out a survey of the cameras and other objects.

They also seized the deceased’s vehicle and a motorcycle.

two arrested

The note indicates that the named Richard de Jesús Santana Guerrero, cousin of the deceased, is detainedfor research purposes.

The named Luis Ángel Pérez Feliz is also detained.

Two 9-millimeter shell casings and a beeper key for a vehicle were collected at the crime scene.

In addition, a gray safe and several telephones, which, when debugged, do not appear with records.

The body will be sent to the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (Inacif) in San Pedro de Macorís for the corresponding purposes.

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