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John M. Ackerman: Does AMLO endorse Delgado’s chicanery?

John M Ackerman


he speech more rescued by the defenders of the illegitimate president of Morena, Mario Delgado, is that he was supposedly following instructions above. According to these corifeos of the party leader who graduated from ITAM and was imposed by the polls as ordered by Lorenzo Córdova and Ciro Murayama, today we would still live in the old authoritarian system of the State party in which literally not a leaf is moved without the president knowing (Augusto Pinochet said).

These voices terribly underestimate the intelligence and consistency of Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Those who attribute responsibility to the President of the Republic for the errors, lies and betrayals of the party president, reduce AMLO to the level of Delgado and lay bare their pessimism regarding the possibility of consolidating the Fourth Transformation in the long term. .

López Obrador is a convinced democrat who has declared on multiple occasions that the days of the state party in which the President of the Republic decided on the internal life of the ruling party and the governors acted as feudal lords are over. The founder of Morena has also reiterated over and over again that favoritism, nepotism, conflicts of interest and lack of legality must be ended. The President of the Republic has also promoted the classification as serious crimes violations of electoral regulations, such as the haulagethe buying and coercion of votes and the manipulation of electoral results.

To suggest then that López Obrador would agree with the content of the call for the third Ordinary National Congress of Morena, which opens the doors of the party to be assaulted by corporate groups from the PRD and the PRI and which also guarantees the illegal permanence of Mario Delgado and Citlalli Hernández as leaders (see my analysis in these same pages: ), implies recklessly accusing the founder of Morena of breaking his word, that is, of being a hypocrite.

But no, the hypocrite is not López Obrador, but Mario Delgado. The president of the National Executive Committee is solely responsible for the waste of party resources without any transparency, for conducting internal electoral fraud, for allowing the selection as candidates of relatives of the National Elections Commission and members of the National Commission Polls, to trample on and exclude the founding militants, to promote the illegal re-election of plurinominal deputies, and in general to empower grasshoppers and corrupt, among an infinity of chicanery.

Those who believe in the importance of defending the founding principles of Morena, of not lying, not stealing and not betraying, must categorically reject the insinuations that López Obrador was supposedly behind the worst actions of the current leadership. These veiled attacks on the President of the Republic show a deep distrust towards the founder of our movement-party that we simply cannot share.

Now, in the specific context of the call for the party’s National Congress, an urgent measure would be to completely renew the members of the National Elections Commission, which will be in charge of both determining the candidates and counting the votes. This Commission must be made up exclusively of figures from outside the party. of proven honesty and recognized reputation in culture, the arts, science and public life following article 39 of the statute.

However, today this commission is illegally under the direct and personal control of Delgado Carrillo and Hernández Mora themselves, so it simply does not have the necessary autonomy to conduct a process adhering to the most basic standards of ethics, autonomy, and legality. It is evident that we cannot trust a process of supposed party renewal led by the same people responsible for the current disaster of the party and who also refuse to renew themselves.

If Morena fails, the Fourth Transformation failspointed out the Spanish intellectual and activist Juan Carlos Monedero during our interview-debate within the framework of the ninth Latin American and Caribbean Conference on Social Sciences (CLACSO) broadcast last week via TV UNAM (

The historical example of the progressive governments of South America clearly demonstrates that the continuity of López Obrador’s legacy after 2024 will depend on our ability to build together a solid and powerful party-movement from the grassroots and close to the people. Let’s not miss the opportunity.

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