JNE: lists of candidates for internal elections must respect alternation and electoral quotas

JNE: Candidates can be excluded due to changes in their legal situation until one day before the elections

The National Election Jury () recalled that the Special Electoral Juries (JEE) can order the exclusion of a candidate up to one day before the date of the election, that is, until this Saturday, October 1, due to the legal situation provided for in the current regulations for Regional Elections and Municipal 2022.

Such a case proceeds when the JEE becomes aware that a consensual or executory sentence has been imposed against the candidate with a custodial sentence, disqualification or interdiction by consensual or executory judicial resolution.

These assumptions are provided for in article 33 of the Constitution and were collected in Resolutions No. 0942-2021-JNE and No. 0943-2021-JNE, which contain the Regulations for the registration of lists of candidates for the Regional and Municipal Elections 2022.

On the other hand, the JNE recalled that the files for the exclusion of candidates from the elections, which were raised on appeal by the JEE, were resolved by the plenary session of the institution until last September 2according to the electoral schedule.

Said files were reviewed in public hearings in which the lawyers of the parties were given the opportunity to present their arguments, with respect for due process and the right of defense.

The resolution in each case was promptly notified, in accordance with the law, through the electronic mailboxes of the legal representatives of the participating political organizations.

Likewise, the rulings were recorded in the Electoral Platform hosted on the website of the electoral body and forwarded to the corresponding Special Electoral Juries.


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