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A young woman was staying in a hotel, opened the closet and was crushed to death

The girl was alone in the room sleeping. They believe that she got up to go to the bathroom, she mistook the door and the cabinet fell on top of her. A friend found her dead the next morning.

A young woman was crushed to death by a wardrobe in a hotel in Liverpool, England, when she woke up still sleepy in the middle of the night. She was alone in the room, so the hypothesis that she mistook the cabinet door for the bathroom or bedroom is the most plausible.

Chloe Haynes, 21, was found dead at the Adelphi Hotel, one of the city’s most renowned, at 6:37 a.m. on September 10, the Daily Mail reported. She was found by her friend, who had traveled with her for an event. It was the boy who asked them to call the emergency room.

The placar broke his trachea, according to what his mother, Nicola Williams, told the local media. Williams, who lives in North Wales, said Chloe had traveled from the Welsh community of Pwllheli to Liverpool the night before her death to attend a party.

“She was drinking, she got a little drunk, so her friend walked her to the hotel and she left. It seemed that she got out of bed confused, not knowing where she was, and she opened the closet door thinking, perhaps, that it was the bathroom or the bedroom, ”said her mother. The furniture is old and heavy, and the girl was very small.

When the friend found her, he asked two men from other rooms to help him lift the closet, but Chloe was already dead. It is not known how many hours she remained under the cabinet before she died. She told her mom that someone heard a noise from that room at 3 in the morning, but they didn’t report it.

“I enjoyed life”, the mother’s message

Nicola Williams revealed that her daughter loved animals and was obsessed with her little dog, Archie. “I called her birdy. She was so small, and when she ate, she looked like a little bird. She was quiet, she didn’t speak unless she needed to.”

Despite having self-esteem issues, her mother said, Chloe had made a change last year and was starting to date, she had more friends, and that’s how she met the boy who accompanied her to Liverpool. In addition, she enjoyed her work as a waitress and was “in the best part of her life.” She was saving for driving lessons and a trip abroad with her friends. She “she was doing everything any 21-year-old does.”

He also assured that the young woman was very kind and that “she did not know how beautiful she was. That made her beautiful inside of her too.”

“I can’t believe my daughter won’t come home because of a piece of furniture that may have had two screws missing to attach it to the wall. Every year, I take a photo of my children on the sofa with her Christmas clothes, but now she will be missing, “lamented her mother, who also assured that she will not rest until she knows all the details of the tragedy.

A renowned hotel
The building was acquired by the Britannia Hotels chain in 1983, but was built in 1826.

It hosted Prime Ministers Winston Churchill and Harol Wilson and celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland and Bob Dylan. He was also part of the BBC documentary series called “Hotel” published in 1997.

According to the newspaper, it is not the first time that someone has died in the hotel. In 1941 the aristocrat Sir “Jock” Delves Broughton committed suicide after a trial was brought against him for the alleged murder of his wife’s lover.

The Daily Mail contacted the hotel chain to find out the status of the investigation. They said Merseyside police had arrested his friend and two other men but released them without charge when they determined it was an accidental death. The investigation then focused on determining the time and circumstances in which Chloe died.

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