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Navy active search operation

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Navy active search operation

naval units of the Navy of the Dominican Republic together with the Air Force of the Dominican Republic (FARD), and other authorities, are actively carrying out an intense operation of search Y bailing out in the maritime area of ​​the María Trinidad Sánchez province, after receiving an alert about a boat that turned around while transporting a supposed excursion.

In the early hours of the morning, the Maritime Operations Center (COM) received an alert about a boat with several people on board that would have left a beach in said province on an alleged excursion that, according to data to be confirmed, would have turned for unknown reasons.

Immediately the institution activated the protocols of search Y bailing out (SAR), established in this situation, having the necessary naval units, managing to rescue four people alive, who were transferred to a nearby hospital in order to receive medical care in the place.

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At this time, there is an extensive search and rescue operation, by sea, air and at all costs of that community, in charge of the Navy with the support of an Air Force aircraft, which flies over the entire area, and the help of fishermen in the area, with the intention of finding the rest of the crew.

“This institution has started the process of investigating the place, in order to determine the real causes of this accident and we will keep the entire society informed permanently, through the official communication media and platforms of our institution,” review the Navy in a press release.

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