IT Pro Can Earn $5.7 Million, Study Finds

IT Pro Can Earn $5.7 Million, Study Finds

The Hireline platform, a labor connection specialized in Technology professionals, carried out a study on the IT market in the country.

Among the findings, it was highlighted that the average salary of an Information Technology professional information in Colombia is $5,790,000. Likewise, the report highlighted that professionals with advanced English earn 4.5 times more than those who do not master the language.

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Those who can converse fluently earn an average of $15,967,791 per months”, pointed out the report of the Hireline platform.

By cities, the report stated that Bogota (73%), Medellin (14%) and Cali (4%) These are the cities with the greatest opportunities for professionals in these areas.
However, the best salaries are found in Medellin with an average of $6,950,962 per month, followed by Cali with $6,013,762 per month and Armenia with $5,967,372 per month.

Regarding the type of work, 38% of IT professionals pThey refer to working in a mixed way and 59% prefer the home office, which shows that professionals seek labor flexibility.


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