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“It could be even more difficult” message from Díaz-Canel to Cubans in 2023

CDMX, Mexico.- The Cuban president Miguel Díaz-Canel sent this Saturday a video message to the people of the island, where he encourages them to be optimistic but confesses that the new cycle “could be even more difficult.”

“As we push the door of 2023, we feel deep within the strength of the historical legacy that propels us into the new year without fear and without doubt, but always aware that it could be even more difficult.”

In the video, replicated by the main Cuban mediathe dictator describes 2022 as “one of the most challenging years in Cuban revolutionary history.”

As usual in his speech, the president does not share concrete plans to get the country out of the current disaster that it is suffering in all sectors and that is reflected in the migration crisis and the increase in social protest.

Instead, one more time, asks the public “to work with passion and desire to continue defeating the impossible”. He also appeals to the creativity of the people.

“We are summoned by the certainty that the creativity of our people is infinite and that we did not get here by going backwards, we got here by ascending. Everything we resist and believe in the most challenging year is proof that it can be done. Again and again you can, ”he said in the video.

Díaz-Canel also assured that being a challenging new year only makes it “more attractive” for anyone who feels revolutionary. The president invited everyone to move forward despite the “blockade” and to make a better country. He also, between the lines, he alluded to the current exodus and called on Cubans to “make dreams come true here, where we learned to dream.”

“Today we have to guarantee the maintenance of the just conquests with the Martiana maxim that patriotism is a holy duty when fighting to put the homeland in a condition that men live in it happier. Let that be our sacred commitment. I count on each and everyone. Let hope come,” Díaz-Canel closed by saying in his New Year’s message.

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