Is soda a product of the family basket?  The dane responds

Is soda a product of the family basket? The dane responds

In recent days, a proposal has emerged from Gustavo Petro’s cabinet to place taxes on sugary drinks. Immediately afterwards, there was a debate on social networks about whether this was a product that is part of the family basket

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When in doubt, John Daniel Oviedo director of the Dane, spoke. It was the Minister of Health appointed by Petro, Carolina Corcho, who assured that a tax of this type seeks to discourage the consumption of soft drinks and reduce the diseases associated with them.

Now, Oviedo confirmed that the sugary drinks they are part of the family basket, despite not being a source of healthy energy, in the middle of an interview on this subject with the work table of ‘Blu Radio’ this July 15.

It represents 0.76% of the budget in Colombian households and in those with a situation of greater poverty it is even higher, 1.17%”, This is how Oviedo declared to the aforementioned media.

Although this trend is true, he also highlighted that there are differences in consumption depending on the socioeconomic status of each household.

“In high-income households, it hardly represents 0.28% of the monthly budget”, explained the director of Dane before the microphones of ‘Blu Radio’.

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In addition, he assured that it is not a new trend. In fact, he stated that this has been going on since approximately 1998.

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