IQOS, heated tobacco device other than cigarette

IQOS, heated tobacco device other than cigarette

Since IQOSdevice that heats the tobacco instead of burning it, it entered the Dominican market, many adult smokers have expressed the doubt over and over again. IQOS a vape? the answer is no, IQOS it is not a vape. It should be noted that both products are a better alternative than continuing to smoke since they are smoke-free. Now, what are the differences between IQOS and vapers or electronic cigarettes? Here are the most important ones:

Let’s talk about tobacco: IQOS is a device that uses sophisticated electronics to heat units of tobacco specially prepared and blended calls heets. The device heats the tobacco enough to release a vapor containing nicotine, but without burning. The precise heating of these units works to deliver true flavor to tobacco without burning it, thus avoiding the presence of smoke, which is the main cause of damage. The heets they are not risk-free as they contain nicotine, which is addictive. On the other hand, vapers or electronic cigarettes do not use tobacco real. Instead, they use different liquids available in a wide variety of flavors, which may or may not contain nicotine.

Ritual-like experience: IQOS delivers an experience very similar to the ritual of smoking cigarette traditional, but this time through a system of tobacco heated. The inhalation is similar to that performed when smoking, but the absence of smoke completely changes the experience. This is because it is aspirated through a filter identical to the traditional one, unlike a vape where the aspiration is given through a plastic or metal mouthpiece. In both cases, the absence of smoke represents a reduction in exposure to toxins.

IQOS in the Dominican Republic: It is estimated that in four years within the local market, around 80 million cigarettes have been stopped lighting in the Dominican Republic with the use of this lighting device. tobacco heated. IQOS it is a fundamental piece in the vision of Philip Morris International to replace traditional cigarettes with smoke-free products and the Dominican Republic, with more than 23 thousand users, has a real opportunity to become one of the first nations to achieve it.

IQOS heats the tobacco instead of burning it, becoming the best alternative for conventional cigarette smokers. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

IQOS It is already present in 70 countries with around 20 million smokers who have chosen this to continue smoking traditional cigarettes.

What does the science say? Studies ( have shown that the most harmful thing when smoking is not the nicotine, but the combustion of these components of the cigarette at elevated temperatures. By not burning the tobacco, IQOS eliminates smoke reducing, on average, 90 to 95%, exposure to toxic substances. IQOS It is not a risk free product as it contains nicotine which is highly addictive.

Clinical studies to date confirm the promising results of Philip Morris laboratory studies (Short-term effects of switching ( One about effects of IQOS in the short term shows that adult smokers who completely switched to IQOS during two one-week and two three-month clinical studies significantly reduced their exposure to toxicants. These reductions in exposure were close to those seen in people who quit smoking and did not use tobacco or nicotine for the duration of the studies.

Smokeless and ashless: IQOS prevents smoke, ashes and, most importantly, significantly reduces the emission of toxic substances that are normally present in smoke from the cigarette. IQOS it is not a source of secondhand smoke and, according to air quality studies, its use does not negatively affect indoor air quality. Furthermore, the user of IQOS will have no odor on clothes, hands or hair; because the device does not produce smoke, but an aerosol that prevents the smell of tobacco stay present.

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