Man dies after ingesting sexual stimulant in Moca


“There must be a perfect balance between resisting and persisting when we have to reach a goal. Most of the races that we will sweat, are slow races, with obstacles, some unexpected, where the first rival is a defeatist thought, stuck at the angle of indecision. Knowing what you are capable of achieving with your strength and what God wants and can give you is imperative, because your limit is his starting point. I also assure you that persisting is intrinsically an act of faith, a persevering person will never be a deserter. When a man knows what he wants, he is unstoppable, he uses any means possible; but when a man knows the divine will for himself, he is invincible. Balance is persisting until doubt dies and resisting until God works!

The entrance Invincible! was first published in The Caribbean Newspaper.

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