Investigative journalist, Mary Triny Zea exposes the barriers she had to investigate the Capital Seed program

Relevant and corroborable information of the Capital Semilla program, one of the programs of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Authority (Ampyme), has been systematically denied by the entity’s director, Óscar Ramos, despite the fact that the law requires him to disclose information that is deliberately concealed by the institution.

Given this, the investigative journalist of the newspaper La Prensa, Mary Triny Zea, who published a series of information in this regard, explained that in addition to Seed Capital, the main economic reactivation plans of the country were investigated for more than four months, after the Covid -19, there is the management of Banca de Oportunidades and the Goblal de Crédito program that is executed by the National Bank and other financial entities.

The objective of this four-part investigation was to really know the effectiveness of the programs, accountability, sustainability and the success that the same programs would have, however, there was a barrier in which it was not allowed to know how they are being managed public funds, which range from more than $ 300 million dollars that the State has invested.

Zea stated that, according to Law 33 of 2013, Antai is the governing body regarding access to information and protection of personal data.

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