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Intermediate room for emergency extension

Intermediate room for emergency extension

The Ministry of Health requested, as a matter of urgency, the extension of the emergency law that expired on December 31.

This law allows Health to carry out much more agile public purchases due to the elimination of various controls under the excuse of the health emergency. It will also allow the Treasury to continue with a series of assistance to social sectors affected by the health crisis.
However, given the disparity of opinions on the point, Lilian Samaniego, senator and president of the permanent Commission, proposed a fourth intermediate. This, in order to meet with the health authorities today at 11:00 a.m., and thus learn first-hand the arguments of the request.

In the event that the majority of the legislators are convinced, extraordinary sessions will be convened both in the Deputies and in the Senate to deal with the request.

Samaniego gave a press conference at the end of the meeting. He pointed out that health authorities should attend the next session to explain the urgency and importance of their request.

“Without the extension of the law, the purchase of vaccines cannot be made, nor can people hospitalized in private sanatoriums be covered. The truth is that the pandemic exists and controls must be extreme, but the legal tool cannot be set aside, ”he said.

He assured that the resources will not be wasted in electoral campaigns as several legislators questioned.

Celso Kennedy, a national deputy for the PLRA, said that there are many doubts about the law. He asked the Executive to prepare a new document.
“I am against the extension. It is an expired law. We cannot approve something retroactively. If there is a need, a new law should be proposed to address the emergency, ”he said.

Walter Harms, national deputy for the ANR, chartist, said that there is no need to sanction an emergency law again. This is because the administrative management of the State was shameful.

“I ask that the Chambers be convened and that there be a debate on the need or not of this law. Personally, it seems to me that it is a completely unnecessary law, ”he requested.

Hugo Ramírez, national deputy for the ANR, said that Health must be provided with the necessary tools to deal with the health crisis.

“The proposed measures are proportional to the threat. The Permanent Commission must give its vote of confidence so that both chambers deal with the extension of this law. It is a desperate call from the health authorities, ”he said.
He stressed that the country is weeks away from the return of classes, where the boys require all the necessary supplies for a safe return.

“I propose that the Permanent Commission convene extraordinary sessions for the Chamber of Deputies and for the Senate. We must be confident in the public administration and in the institutions that must control these resources”, he commented.

The “sanitary pass” project was not discussed. This, because Samaniego asked Salud for an official position on Hugo Ramírez’s initiative. It establishes that people who want to participate in massive events must have their vaccination cards with the full doses.
Today, the Health authorities will also be asked for a position on this point.

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