Avelino Guillén: "Since 14 (January) there has been no opportunity to deal in private with the president"

Avelino Guillén: “Since 14 (January) there has been no opportunity to deal in private with the president”

Former Minister of the Interior revealed that since January 14 there has been no opportunity to deal in private with the President of the Republic, much less in private meetings.

In statements to the Epicentro TV portal, he explained that he asked the president for an appointment to discuss “urgent matters” of the Interior sector, but never received a response, for which he decided to present his irrevocable resignation.

“Since 14 (January) there has been no opportunity to discuss this issue in private, only in the Council of Ministers, but there have no longer been private meetings. I asked him for an appointment in recent days to deal with urgent matters in the Interior sector and I told him that I was attentive to the call, the date and time, and there has been no response. There are already two weeks of evaluation, this determined that I present my resignation “, he expressed.

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“Usually I have always had meetings with the president, the appointments were coordinated directly with him via WhatsApp. He has always received me immediately. We were exchanging some ideas, but there I formally asked him about the need for a meeting and he did not answer me. That would have been about a week ago, last Saturday (January 22)”, he added.

Avelino Guillén confirmed that he presented his resignation to the position before President Pedro Castillo and clarified that it has the “irrevocable character”.

He stated that he waited for two weeks for a response from Castillo Terrones regarding his request to remove the PNP commander general, Javier Gallardo, but received no response.

“My resignation is irrevocable. Under that condition I have tendered my resignation. I have waited for two weeks for the response of the President and his silence for me is a very clear and direct indication that he is assuming a position of support for the Commander General of the National Police.”, he expressed.


Avelino Guillén tendered his resignation as Minister of the Interior The cost of the PETROmañas request to prevent Hugo Chávez from leaving the country in suspense The anti-corruption prosecutor requested three weeks ago that Hugo Chávez cannot leave the country, but the judge has not yet set a date for the hearing . In addition, Pedro Castillo has been in government for half a year without having drawn up a road map that allows him to know his objectives for the five-year term. PJ also decided to take measures against those responsible for the oil spill in Ventanilla. And TODAY Peru faces Colombia, for the qualifiers heading to QATAR 2022.

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