"Inflation is what matters to people today and the battle that must be given"

"Inflation is what matters to people today and the battle that must be given"

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The spokesperson for the Presidency, Gabriela Cerrutiaffirmed this Friday that “inflation is what matters to people today”, and stressed that “the Government is certain that it is the battle that must be fought”.

“The government has absolute certainty and clarity that inflation is what matters to people today and that it is the battle that must be fought”, Cerruti said in statements made to FM Radio Con Vos.

In this sense, he pointed out that it is “a battle” that the national government had been fighting “with uncertain success because, at some point, it started to go down, it seemed like it was going down” but it did not happen.

The official recalled that “it came from an inflation of 53% in 2019 that the previous government left” and that “later two years of pandemic came.”

“Now add the war in ukraine that makes the international prices of gas, oil and raw materials are hitting the jump they are hitting, “he said.

In that sense, he pointed out that “there is now inflation in Italy and Spain because of the war.”

For this reason, he indicated that “the most certain, most serious situation in which the entire Government is currently involved has to do with that, without a doubt.”

“Inflation can skyrocket even more due to the international situation”Gabriela Ceruti

Cerruti stressed that “it is not that it has not been done,” but he stressed that “To the tensions we had, the war was added, and there is a very complex panorama ahead”.

Even the spokeswoman for the Presidency indicated that “inflation can be triggered even more by the international situation”, for which she stressed that “all the measures that have been taken in recent weeks go in that direction”.

The spokeswoman promptly referred to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for February that was released this week, and that gave an increase of 4.7% in the general indicator and one of 7.5% in food and beverages.

In this regard, he specified that, “in February, in particular, the largest increase had to do with local businesses.”

“We have a problem there, which is that the maximum prices and careful prices are controlled and fulfilled in supermarkets, but not in nearby businesses,” said Cerruti, who added that “the other issue in February was clearly vegetables. and vegetables.”

The official stressed that “on all these issues is where we are focused on making decisions” that will be communicated in the next few hours.

He also stressed that in Argentina there is “an underlying structural problem that has to do with the oligopolies that make up prices by themselves,” and stressed that this was what caused that, as soon as the war began, there were “remarcations” for doubts’ in piles of prices and products”.

“From the marketing chain to the retail trade,” said Cerruti, who argued that in order to stop this situation, “we must decouple expectations with respect to inflation in Argentina, in domestic prices with respect to international ones”.

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