Bernardo Ruiz, a former police officer, is found guilty of femicide

Bernardo Ruiz, a former police officer, is found guilty of femicide

Judge Ashley Archibold found the former police officer guilty Bernardo Melecio Ruiz Chow for the femicide against the lawyer Martha Alice Robinson Aragonevent recorded on January 1, 2022 in Bluefields, South Caribbean.

The trial was held on Thursday, March 17. It started at 9:30 in the morning and ended at approximately 7 at night. The Prosecutor’s Office demands a life sentence against Ruiz. The court established a term of 15 days for the reading of the sentence.

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According to journalistic sources, when leaving the courts, Ruiz Chow was escorted by agents of the Bluefields Penitentiary System and by members of the Police Operations Directorate (DOEP) to be transferred to the prison.

Faced with the guilty verdict, Virginia Aragón, cousin of the well-known lawyer, told Article 66 that as family members they feel “satisfied and grateful to the judicial authorities for convicting the femicide —Bernardo Ruiz— of Martha (Robinson).

Relatives of Martha Robinson demand life sentence for alleged femicide Bernardo Ruiz Chow

The victim’s relative pointed out that the perpetrator was “normal” at the hearing and without any sign of remorse. “He never showed regret, but he was calm, with his five senses, aware of what he did,” she stressed.

On the other hand, Aragón expressed that at the beginning of the process they were afraid that the crime would go unpunished, after knowing that the femicide was a police agent, “however, we trust in God; We prayed for justice to be done. Thank God for giving wisdom to the authorities for not letting this man go unpunished. We hope to God that he will be given life imprisonment.”

Martha Robinson, lawyer and teacher

Martha Robinson, 34, is remembered by her family as a hard-working, honest person dedicated to her children. “Martha never messed with anyone, she would soon finish her studies to practice her law career,” Virginia Aragón recalled.

“She was a woman devoted to her children, to her mother; She was well known in Bluefields for the very good person that she was. The truth is that losing her was a hard blow. It’s been almost three months since her loss and she seems like she was today, “she emphasized.

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Robinson Aragón procreated three children, two boys and a girl, who are in charge of his father. “Thank God the children are getting ahead,” said Robinson’s cousin.

The relatives of Martha Robinson thanked the population of Bluefields for their solidarity and joining the demand for justice. “We are very grateful because all of Nicaragua was affected by this case, we are waiting for the sentence to be read,” she concluded.

Bernardo Ruiz, a former police officer, is found guilty of femicide
Former police officer who murdered Martha Robinson is found guilty. Prosecutor asks for life imprisonment. Photo: Article 66 / Courtesy

Despite the fact that the Ortega government affirms that Nicaragua is a safe country, femicides continue to increase. A week ago, the murders of two women, aged 21 and 17, who were missing in their respective municipalities, were reported.

One of the victims is the teenager Britney Olivas, who was murdered by a 17-year-old boy. Although her relatives demand life imprisonment, according to the law she could only serve a six-year sentence.

Eight femicides in less than three months

The Femicide Observatory of the Catholic organization for the Right to Decide records ten crimes against women Nicaraguans from January 1 to March 13.

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The organization details that six femicides were ex-partners of the victims. Women in rural areas continue to be the most unprotected. The observatory warned that, in addition, as of March 8, 38 frustrated femicides had already been reported. The organization fears that the figure will increase due to the lack of protection and compliance with the laws and legal instruments for the prevention, punishment and eradication of gender violence.

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