Inflation in the United States makes production and credit more expensive for Ecuador

Inflation in the United States makes production and credit more expensive for Ecuador

The Government decided an increase of $ 25 as a way to boost consumption and economic reactivation

On the night of this December 13, 2021, the President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso announced a $ 25 increase in Unified Basic Salary (SBU) for 2021. Thus, that salary will be $ 425 from next year.

With this measure, Lasso advances in his campaign promise to increase the SBU to $ 500 until 2025, which is equivalent to an annual increase of $ 25.

«In this Government of the Encounter what is said is done, what is promised is fulfilled. Together we deliver. The creation of opportunities must come to everyone, always prioritizing the most needy families. From the bottom up, “he said.

President Lasso He pointed out that the increase of $ 25 is equivalent to the sum of the increases in the SBU during the last four years.

He also assured that the decision is based on the conviction that the reactivation must have a human face. «The positive data, which already reflects the Ecuadorian economy, it is useless if it is not felt in the poorest families. The reactivation must first be felt in the poorest households, in their food plate, in the pocket of each worker, “he pointed out.

Lasso listed a series of facts, which according to him, show that the Government has kept its promises on issues such as vaccination, job reactivation, and even interest rate reduction.

But nevertheless, business sectors consider that an adjustment of these dimensions could only be viable from 2023, when it was expected to achieve full recovery from the economic and employment losses generated during the pandemic. (JS)

With the new Basic Salary, fines, legal expenses and IESS increase

As of January 1, 2022, with the validity of the new Unified Basic Salary (SBU), various rates and payments will have to be updated in Ecuador.

Thus, there will be an increase in traffic fines, contributions to the Ecuadorian Social Security Institute (IESS), payment of alimony, court costs, among others.

For example, currently, a private employee with a basic salary must allocate 9.45% of $ 400 to the IESS, which represents $ 37.80. With an increase to $ 425, the contribution will go up to $ 40.16 per month.

The last time all these payments were modified was in January 2020, when the former Minister of Labor, Andrés Madero, decided that the SBU be increased from $ 394 to $ 400.

Inflation in the United States affects Ecuador, for example, it will increase raw material, such as technological devices.

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