In Colombia, a city will already receive complaints for 'compliments', they are tired of the harassment of women in the streets

In Colombia, a city will already receive complaints for ‘compliments’, they are tired of the harassment of women in the streets

An exclusive service route was established for women who feel that compliments violate them, many risque ones must listen to them in the streets and fear to claim the men who do them.

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The Municipal Council of Pereira approved in a second stay, the draft agreement for the creation of an exclusive care route for women who are victims of morbid and vulgar comments in public places, the so-called ‘compliments’.

These cases will be dealt with by an interdisciplinary group, made up of the National Police, the Public Ministry and the Secretariat for Social Development.

In the Risaralda capital they have been evaluating the issue for months.

This is how the person from Pereira, Sandra Lorena Cárdenas, announced it on Caracol Radio.

This entity had the initiative.

«Women have the right to travel on public roads as safe spaces and, for this reason, our right to locomotion is affected by suggestive comments that refer to our appearance«, Highlighted the official.

«There are many complaints from women of all ages who feel harassed when walking through the streets of the city, “he said.

In other spaces such as public transport, “it is also difficult.”

Attention path

In addition to announcing its approval, the Mayor’s Office, through the statement, established how the respective route will be implemented.

First of all, cases can be reported to the Pereira Metropolitan Police through the CAI Immediate Attention Centers or line 123.

Once the complaint has been reported, it will proceed to apply the Code of Coexistence and Citizen Security.

Likewise, the Personería may activate the operation of the route with the National Police.

Also, it will advise the victim in relation to the rights that assist them, providing the legal and psychological support that is required.

Similarly, authorities They pledged to carry out awareness campaigns to ensure that female victims know how they can report this type of harassment.

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