Increased 7% trips in the Port Area of ​​Buenaventura in February

Increased 7% trips in the Port Area of ​​Buenaventura in February

The origin of the trips during the month of February registered a increaseto 7% on the Buenaventura Port Area, while the tons mobilized reached an increase of 3% and the gallons transported 13%. According to the National Cargo Registry (RNDC).

(The goal of the port of Tumaco for fuel distribution in 2022).

In February, the origin of trips from the port area was 46,380a figure higher than that registered in the same month last year, when 43,536 trips were made.

The Minister of Transport, Ángela María Orozco, assured that “thanks to teamwork with the authorities in charge of customs transit and transport companies, we are streamlining port operations, making an effective presence in the territory.”

For his part, the Vice Minister of Transportation, Camilo Pabón Almanza, pointed out that “the results are presented thanks to the joint actions with the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, the Superintendence of Transportation and the DIAN, which have been developed with the purpose to speed up the container delivery process that guarantees efficiency in operations”.

(Invima reestablishes operations in 13 points in the country).

According to additional data from the RNDC, in February the products that moved the most through the corridor were: corn with 135,049 tons, mineral or chemical fertilizers with 49,196 tons, cake and other residues from soybean oil extraction with 38,266 tons, wheat flour with 35,064 tons and meslin wheat with 30,098 tons.

As one of the defined actions, On February 28, the Port Information System (Sipor) application began to operate. developed by the Superintendency of Transport so that port companies report daily and with technological efficiency their empty container storage capacity.

“The Sipor was created in order to make available to the port companies that operate in the country, a unique and digital form to report to SuperTransporte detailed information on their empty container storage capacity and its dynamics, in this way With accurate and up-to-date information, we have a greater opportunity to supervise the proper provision of the port public service and the different agents that participate in their activity in the logistics chain”, explained Wilmer Salazar Arias, Superintendent of Transportation.

The follow-up in the area and the joint work with the entities and the transporters have made it possible to advance on issues such as the flow of empty containers; precisely, April 30, 2022 expires the deadline imposed by the Superintendence of Transportation for registration as port operators of legal or natural persons that manage and operate empty container yards.

Additionally, the Superintendency ordered the companies responsible for 10 container yards, 4 shifting zones and 3 port companies, to have personnel, equipment and technology to properly carry out their public activities, which results in shorter service times and better service for users and carriers.

The Government promised to maintain work tables with the Buenaventura port terminals, visits to the turnaround areas and container yards, as well as accompanying the different actors in the logistics chain to ensure proper operation and provide guarantees. security to users and transporters.


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