Incorporation of new wells adds another 900 liters per second to the Water and Drainage network: Samuel García

Incorporation of new wells adds another 900 liters per second to the Water and Drainage network: Samuel García

Monterey, NL. The governor of Nuevo León, Samuel Alejandro García Sepúlveda, reported that today 900 liters per second are added to the Monterrey Water and Drainage network, due to the incorporation of more wells.

On the other hand, a new barge is being installed to extract more water from the La Boca dam and thus guarantee supply in the south of the city.

“I showed them that the city’s demand is 16,500 liters per second. With these new wells we have already increased from 12,300 to 13,300 liters per second, we are getting closer and closer to the goal”, he mentioned.

He explained that this is because they are installing a new pump, a new barge in the La Boca dam in order to extract more water because the original pump removed mud. “With this action that should be left this afternoon, we are going to guarantee the water to the south of the city for the next 40 or 50 days, that work is finished today.”

These actions are intended to remedy the lack of rainfall, which until now has kept the dams below their storage capacity.

“We have incorporated many wells into the Water and Drainage System, we have been drilling for months to make shallow wells, which are those that are drilled from 200 to 300 meters towards the surface and the deep ones take longer, but they are also being carried out,” he said.

“They are already connected to the system and this is going to make up for the little rain, and above all the dry dams like we have today at La Boca and Cerro Prieto; and today 900 liters are added per second, almost a thousand liters per cubic meters”.

The governor of Nuevo León reiterated that they will continue with the actions of the Water Plan to guarantee the supply of the vital liquid in the entity.


On the other hand, the Secretary of the Environment, Alfonso Martínez, explained that they are detecting places where drilling is done not only for private use, but also to fill pipes or divert rivers.

For example, in the basin of the El Cuchillo Dam, water is diverted to form dams where fish are raised.

Actions such as diverting water from rivers, to fill pipes and sell the water; for real estate development or cattle fattening. can be considered as waste. The Prosecutor’s Office is expected to establish criminal actions against these malpractices.

The simulation of meters has been detected in the Huasteca, in El Barrial, in quintas and in Montemorelos. Currently, the municipality of Santiago is being supervised and later they will go to Allende, among other places.

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