Incidents outside the National Institute: Government and Mayor Hassler announce lawsuits

The Government and the mayor of Santiago, Iraqi Hassler (PC), announced the filing of complaints for the incidents recorded this Monday morning outside the National Institute, within the framework of the return to classes after the winter holidays.

Subjects dressed in white overalls, and others in school uniforms and masks, set up barricades on Arturo Prat street. They then threw Molotov cocktails at Carabineros personnel. In this context, police officers arrested a 17-year-old boy.

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“Burning a bus is a very serious crime, in general and as a practice of the Ministry of the Interior in crimes of this nature, it has made the decision to always sue (…) they are extremely serious crimes not only because they affect a public service but because people’s lives are at risk,” said Interior Undersecretary Manuel Monsalve.

“Thanks to the work of the Carabineros, a person has been arrested who is visible, it can be verified when he throws a Molotov cocktail and has been arrested. He is a 17-year-old boy, I understand a student of the National Institute, and we also hope that as a result of the visual records of the events, the rest of the people involved can be arrested,” he added.

“They seem to us to be very serious events and regarding which the Ministry of the Interior has always made the decision to sue and we hope that impunity does not occur and we value the work of the Carabineros,” the authority commented.

Likewise, he said that “here there is a role of the educational establishment in terms of, first, delivering information. And, second, also have disciplinary rules that have to be applied and information that the director of the establishment, upon learning of the crime, also has to report.”

Complaint announced by Hassler

The mayor of Santiago, pointed to 24 hours that the incidents were carried out by a “a very limited but very violent group of young people.” For her, the events clouded “the start of classes and speaks to us of a lack of will to advance educational rights.”

“There is a limited group, about 30 young people, who unfortunately do not have an appreciation for public education. Here there are no claims, no educational demands, but simply a limited group that acts violently”, continued the communal chief.

“We will take legal action against those who are responsible for affecting the educational process,” said Hassler. “We will file complaints or complaints” regarding the incidents that occurred inside and outside the establishment, the mayor explained.

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