Santa Fe confirms new reinforcement: a defender arrives at the ‘cardinal’ team

Independiente Santa Fe comes from losing as a visitor against Junior from Barranquilla (2-0), being one of the poorest games by the Red in recent times.

Without many football arguments and betting on defending themselves in their own field, those led by Alfredo Arias returned to the country’s capital with a result that was short, taking into account the rival’s superiority.

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Also, one of the weak points of the team was the right flankespecially if you take into account that Edwin Herrera -the marker on that side- was sent off after seeing the double yellow card.

That’s the way it is, Santa Fe showed the intention to sign a right-back; however, the book of passes has already closed in the FPC and the teams that intend to reinforce themselves are obliged to do so with soccer players who are without a contract.

What is the new reinforcement of Independiente Santa Fe

Having said that, el Rojo already agreed on everything and made his new contract official, in the case of Carlos Morenowho is 30 years old and comes from playing in Alianza Petrolera (where he left as a free agent).

It is necessary that despite the fact that the contract has already been signed, the soccer player from Choco will be able to debut with the club until Augustthe month in which registrations for the Betplay League will be partially opened.

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Moreno, 30, was already directed by Alfredo Arias at Emelecand in addition to this club and the “oil” group, he has known how to wear the shirts of Real Cartagena and Atlético Huila.

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