In Curitiba, Ciro Gomes talks about creating 5 million jobs with works

The presidential candidate Ciro Gomes (PDT) said today (24) that, if elected, he intends to stimulate civil construction and, thus, create 5 million jobs over the first two years of his eventual government.In Curitiba, Ciro Gomes talks about creating 5 million jobs with worksIn Curitiba, Ciro Gomes talks about creating 5 million jobs with works

While campaigning on the outskirts of Curitiba (PR), the former governor of Ceará promised to resume 14,000 public works that, according to him, are paralyzed across the country, even though they have already met legal requirements. Ciro Gomes also committed to implementing a land tenure regularization program to serve around 14 million people.

“We are going to invade the favela; go up the hill; touch the people who live in precarious conditions. We’re going to title the land and make a big recovery program [da infraestrutura urbana]with the construction of affordable housing, drainage, paving and basic sanitation”, added the worker when comparing the situation of part of the residents of the Vila Nova Esperança neighborhood with that of other Brazilians.

“This is a community of families who occupied an abandoned land and who are here, living like other 14 million Brazilians who live in absolutely precarious conditions, subject to being evicted tomorrow”, commented Gomes, maintaining that large public works would stimulate construction civil society, helping to create the promised 5 million jobs.

Still in the capital of Paraná, Gomes participated in the inauguration of the campaign committee of the pedestrian candidate for the government of Paraná, Ricardo Gomyde. During the event, Gomes made a point of highlighting the qualifications of his vice-candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Ana Paula Matos.

“She is a teacher, lawyer, specialist in finance, master in Administration, deputy mayor of Salvador, former municipal secretary for Social Promotion and Combating Poverty and is ready to assume the Presidency of the Republic under any circumstances. She is a black woman, a victor in a slave-owning, sexist and absolutely racist country”, pointed out the candidate when speaking about the importance of voters also taking into account the vice-candidates before deciding who to vote for.

Check the candidates’ agenda to the Presidency this Wednesday.

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