A girl suffering from chronic malnutrition and HIV/AIDS undergoes studies

A girl suffering from chronic malnutrition and HIV/AIDS undergoes studies

August 24, 2022, 1:00 PM

August 24, 2022, 1:00 PM

A diet for children with malnutrition is what the approximately four-year-old girl currently receives who was rescued on Tuesday from a chichería in Montero, where she was with her mother. Her extreme thinness and her delicate state of health alarmed the authorities, who referred her to the Mario Ortiz Children’s Hospital, in the capital of Santa Cruz, where specialists subject her to various studies, since it is known that the girl also suffers from a venereal disease from birth.

The director of the Children’s Hospital, Freddy Rojas, He indicated that the girl is stable and that she will undergo various studies. “Since yesterday (Tuesday) she was just hospitalized, today she will be evaluated by the infectologist, by internal medicine, will be done tests to find out what stage of your disease you are inhe pointed.

Said that the information provided by the parents is not entirely credible. The girl was three years and eight months old and only weighs five kilos.

the doctor assured that, for the minor to be in these conditions, had to have been suffering from malnutrition for over a yearaggravating her case because she also suffers from HIV-AIDS, a disease that her mother transmitted to her when she was pregnant.

The mother is already in the AIDS phase, she does not receive antiretroviral treatment and for more than two months she has not given her daughter the treatment either. “The girl can’t even walk, his condition is very delicate, he had no food,” the doctor said worriedly.

Both the specialists trying to save the little girl, and officials from the Ombudsman’s Office in Montero began the investigationsstigations of the case.

The director of the Ombudsman, Purita Cuéllar, indicated that the mother is somewhat aggressive and denied that her daughter be transferred to the hospital, assuring that she is from scarce resources. She even said that she preferred to have her daughters in her arms until she passed out.

For his part, theSecretary of Health of the Government, Fernando Pacheco, indicated that they will guarantee the treatment and care of this patient, who will be monitored so that she recovers her critical condition.

The girl has a diagnosis of severe malnutrition with an underlying pathology that has been forgotten and not treated with the respective follow-up,” said Pacheco. He pointed out that they will continue to carry out the necessary studies to have the comprehensive diagnosis, and thus the specialists provide the corresponding care until you gain weight.

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