In Cuba, Sacha Llorenti, executive secretary of ALBA-TCP

Sacha Llorenti, executive secretary of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America Peoples’ Trade Treaty (ALBA TCP), arrived in Cuba today on an official visit.

Upon his arrival in Havana, he stated on his Twitter account that “it is a true privilege to be once again in the land of Martí and Fidel2”

He added that he was “ready to start this work visit to continue joining efforts for our ALBA TCP.”

Llorenti, who will have an intense agenda in the coming days, was received by Carlos de Céspedes Piedra, director of South America at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The ALBA TCP was created in 2004, promoted by the presidents Fidel Castro, of Cuba, and Hugo Chávez, of Venezuela, as a regional organization of Latin American and Caribbean nations focused on the fight against poverty and social exclusion with a basis of solidarity and cooperation among its members.

Since its creation, it has developed a series of social and economic programs that have benefited hundreds of thousands of people, fundamentally from the most humble sectors of the population.

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