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Immigration report reveals that fugitive pastor “walks” through the country

An official document from the Directorate of Migration reveals that José Alberto Insfrán, the fugitive pastor, entered our country a few weeks ago and walks through our territory with total impunity.

The detailed migration report was released on “30+” on channel Trece. The official document shows that José Alberto Insfrán Galeano entered the country without anyone stopping him.

The entry into our country, as stated in the document, was through Clorinda, on July 8 at 09:57.

José Insfrán Galeano is linked to the A Ultranza PY operation that investigates an organization that launders money on a large scale. He himself is known for being the pastor of the Avivamiento Church, in Curuguaty, department of Canindeyú.

Insfrán Galeano is also close to the vice president, Hugo Velázquez, according to evidence of photographs and videos that circulated on social networks.

The “pastor” is accused of drug trafficking, money laundering and criminal association and has an international arrest warrant since March.


Given the above, the head of the Migration Directorate admitted the entry of Insfrán Galeano, and said that the intervening official was already called for an interrogation to find out what happened.

Likewise, Arriola mentioned that the system issued an alert that was ignored by the official, who had to give immediate notice to the National Police.

“The truth is that the official did not proceed as she should. The system worked and the alert went off,” Arriola said.

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