Fuel reference prices fall up to 6.72% per gallon, but are not reflected in the sale, warns Opecu

The Supervisory Agency for Investment in Energy and Mining (Osinergmin) published this Monday the report on international reference prices for oil-derived fuels with drops in gasohols, gasoline, diesel and industrial oils up to 6.72% per gallon, in its sixth consecutive week. , informed the Peruvian Organization of Consumers and Users ().

Likewise, the agency indicated that LPG, bottled and bulk, were reduced to 2.02% per kilo.

Thus gasohols and gasoline reduced between S/ 0.31 or 2.90% and S/ 0.95 or 6.72% per gallon, diesel up to S/ 0.25 or 1.64% per gallon, while imported LPG by S/ 0.06 or 2.02% per kilo and of export in S/ 0.04 or 1.54% per kilo. Sixth week of falls in reference fuel prices that are not fully or timely reflected in retail prices at taps and service stations in the country”, affirmed the president of Opecu, Héctor Plate Cánepa.

The director added that Indecopi must intervene to verify that the reductions in the international reference prices of fuels are transferred in a total way in the sale to the public in taps and service stations in the country.

International fuel price

Imported LPG. It drops from S/ 2.97 to S/ 2.91 per kilogram, reducing by S/ 0.06 or 2.02%% whose equivalent is S/ 0.071 per kilo, including tax, in the domestic market.

Export LPG. Contract from S/ 2.59 to S/ 2.55 per kilogram, decreasing by S/ 0.04 or 1.54% equivalent to S/ 0.047 per kilo, including tax.

Gashol 84. Discount from S/ 10.68 to S/ 10.37, dropping S/ 0.31 or 2.90% per gallon, equivalent to S/ 0.40 including taxes, in the domestic market.

Gashol 90. Discount from S/ 12.63 to S/ 11.96 declining in S/ 0.67 or 5.30% per gallon, whose equivalence is S/ 0.85 including taxes, in fuel establishments in the country.

Gashol 95. It drops from S/ 13.49 to S/ 12.66, losing S/ 0.83 or 6.15% per gallon, and should be reflected in S/ 1.06 per gallon, including taxes, at the national level.

Gasholes 97 and 98. They fall from S/ 14.14 to S/ 13.19, subtracting S/ 0.95 or 6.72% per gallon, which should impact S/ 1.21 per gallon, including taxes, at taps and service stations.

Gasoline 84. It loses from S/ 10.60 to S/ 10.24 and decreases S/ 0.36 or 3.40% per gallon, equivalent to S/ 0.46 including taxes.

Gasoline 90. Contract from S/ 12.71 to S/ 11.96, declining S/ 0.75 or 5.90% per gallon, thus its price will vary downwards by S/ 0.96 including taxes.

Diesel B5 (0 to 2500 ppm). It drops from S/ 15.20 to S/ 14.95, reducing S/ 0.25 or 1.64% per gallon, with an impact of S/ 0.30 including tax, in the Peruvian market.

Diesel B5 (2500-5000ppm). Discount from S/ 12.64 to S/ 12.45 and lower S/ 0.19 or 1.50% per gallon, whose equivalence is S/ 0.22 including tax.

Industrial Oils. The six and 500 residuals rise from S/ 8.73 to S/ 8.99 and from S/ 8.52 to S/ 8.79 per gallon, increasing by S/ 0.26 or 2.98% and S/ 0.27 or 3.17% equivalent to S/ 0.31 and S/ 0.32 including taxes, respectively.


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