"I'm sick": AMLO acknowledges your health information obtained by hackers

"I’m sick": AMLO acknowledges your health information obtained by hackers

This Thursday afternoon, the media Latinus released documents from the Ministry of Defense obtained by a group of hackers called “Guacamayas” that reveal that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has been diagnosed with gout, hyperthyroidism and “serious risk unstable angina.”

His health was the first topic with which the president started his conference. Sarcastically, upon entering the Treasury Hall of the National Palace, he asked the reporters to ask him how he was.

-How did I wake up in health?
-Buenas tardes. That’s how healthy I am, she replied sarcastically.

The president acknowledged that earlier this year he was even at risk of having a heart attack, for which he was recommended to undergo a catheterization.

“There was a risk of a heart attack and they took me to the hospital and they recommended a catheterization, if you remember that, they told me that it had to be done, I asked for a few days. That’s when he gave me covid ”, recalled the president, who when talking about his health asked for the reproduction of a song by Chico Ché called” The Army did not want me “.

According to information obtained by the group of hackers “Las Guacamayas”, on January 2 of this year, an ambulance from the Mexican Army landed in Palenque, Chiapas, to transfer the Mexican president to the Central Military Hospital in Mexico City. . The diagnosis he received was that he had “high-risk unstable angina.”

López Obrador assured that despite these ailments, he is well cared for and every three months undergoes check-ups, in addition to taking “a cocktail of medications”.

He said that in general, he has received the support of the citizens, however, there are also doctors who have not acted correctly.

“Once I got sick, I think when I had a heart attack, a doctor recommended that I give myself an overdose of medication so that I could go to heaven,” he revealed.

President López Obrador has already prepared a political testament to guarantee that the transformation continues and that there is no ungovernability in the country. After undergoing a catheterization, last January, the president revealed the existence of that document.

“I have had a will for some time and as president I added a text that has, as I said in the video, the purpose that in the event of my death continuity in the transformation process is guaranteed and that there is no ungovernability and that things happen smoothly, without affecting the development of the country, always guaranteeing stability and progress in the project we have started”, he said on January 24 of this year.

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