Femicides increase to a degree of frustration in Nicaragua, but the Police say that domestic violence decreases

Femicides increase to a degree of frustration in Nicaragua, but the Police say that domestic violence decreases

The director general of the Nicaraguan Police, the sanctioned commissioner Francisco Diaz Madriz, He assured during the 43rd anniversary of that institution, that the rate of femicides in Nicaragua has decreased, although the Catholic organization for the Right to Decide registers 47 cases to date, figures that are close to the 56 cases registered in 2021.

«10% reduction in femicide crimes, two victims less than in the previous period —2021—», counted the in-law of the dictator Daniel Ortega. In addition, he stated that there has been an 11 percent decrease in crimes of domestic violence, “162 victims less than the previous period.”

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Diaz’s assertion contradicts the numbers and reports from Catholics for the Right to Say, which assures that sexist violence has increased in Nicaragua, as well as frustrated femicides.

Martha Flores, director of the feminist organization, explained to Article 66 that last year Daniel Ortega’s Police only reported 15 femicides, this is due, according to the human rights defender, to the fact that the regime “classifies femicides according to Law 779 with the presidential decree where femicides are carried out only by the partner or ex-partner.

Violence Against Women Increases in Nicaragua

“On the other hand, our observatory is based on the originality of the law,” he said. He also mentioned that so far there have been more than 120 frustrated femicides. “Women have been lucky to survive,” she said.

For the organization, the intention of the Ortega government is to “demonstrate that its strategies are effective, such as life imprisonment and the famous primer —Women, Rights, Laws and the Complaint Mechanism for the Prevention of Femicide—.

“An example country in security”, according to Díaz

Among other “achievements in citizen security, which according to Francisco Díaz have been achieved, there is a registered” rate of seven homicides per 100,000 inhabitants, the lowest in the region; the average rate is 23 homicides.”

In addition, it indicates that of the 153 municipalities, in 60 no homicidal deaths are registered “and in 29 municipalities only one homicide is registered, equivalent to 58 percent of the total number of municipalities in the country.”

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Regarding the insecurity that the country is experiencing, the police chief said that “of 100% of the crimes that occur in the country, only 3.4 percent are dangerous crimes. 96.6% of the complaints are minor crimes and criminal misdemeanors.

It also ensures that 12 percent are robberies with violence and 15 percent of robberies with forces in relation to last year. However, these data are contrary to the recent survey published by the international firm CID Gallup, which places Guatemala (53%) and Nicaragua (45%) as the countries with the highest rate of robberies in Latin America.

Femicides increase to a degree of frustration in Nicaragua, but the Police say that domestic violence decreases
The director of the Police, Francisco Díaz, together with the dictators of Nicaragua. Photo: Article 66 / Government

Cid Gallup indicated that Nicaragua is facing a criminal uptick, confirmed by the police figures themselves, which indicate an increase of 13% in criminal activity in the last year.

Although all the data and investigations show the insecurity that exists in Nicaragua, crimes against women have increased, the police chief read a sample “a reality” that according to human rights defenders does not exist, since he affirms that there is a ” 20 percent decrease in female partners victims of violent deaths compared to the year 2021.

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