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“If the house collapses, we lose everything”: A mother from Los Pocitos fears for the lives of her children

Havana Cuba. – For five years, Cuban Milaydis Pérez Echevarría, a resident of the neighborhood of The Pocitosin Marianao, hopes that the municipal authorities fulfill their promise to provide him with the means to repair his house, which is about to collapse.

“They came four times, and on all of them they told me that in seven days they would give me a solution, but for fun. Finally, they came in December [de 2021] and they told us to have our data at hand, that in January [de 2022] They were going to give me a solution. But (…) no one else ever came”, denounces the woman.

Pérez Echevarría also states that he fears for the lives of his children, due to the danger of the property collapsing. “I’m desperate, really,” he says.

“I have two babies in the house and I am worried that there could be a landslide here soon. When it rains, the water falls through the lamps, the closet, the beds, the equipment, everything gets wet… The walls are open from one side to the other and four fingers fit between the floor and the walls. We’ve been waiting five years [por la ayuda prometida por el Gobierno]”, accurate.

Likewise, the interviewee specifies that she is not asking for a new home, but rather help to repair her own house and prevent her children from continuing to live in a dangerous situation.

In the building, according to Pérez Echevarría, seven people live together. Of them, four are minors, which has been ignored by the Cuban authorities, according to him.

After the visit of the Cuban ruler Miguel Díaz-Canel to Los Pocitos in November 2021, some houses, streets and sidewalks were rehabilitated in the area. However, the measure was insufficient, according to Pérez Echevarría

“They fixed what was visible because the harsh reality – which is where I live – was never shown,” he says.

“I am desperate, because at any moment what I have to do is call and ask for help. If a pipe or a roof tile falls, it will surely kill me, or kill my children; or worse, and if the house collapses we lose what little we have and that is what they [los funcionarios del Gobierno] they do not understand, even though they have seen the danger with their own eyes”, he concludes.

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