"I am looking for some gifts for my friends": Yanfry during his visit to the Congress of the Republic

“I am looking for some gifts for my friends”: Yanfry during his visit to the Congress of the Republic

Yanfry in the Congress of the Republic of Colombia.

The little boy, who has close to a million followers on Instagram, seeks benefits for the children of the Colombian Pacific.

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After his successful commercials with Chocolate Sol, Yanfry, the most famous child from Itsmina, Chocó, seeks to brighten Christmas for his friends from the Colombian Pacific through a social impact campaign called: “Zero hunger, more gifts”, which he leads together with Herencia de Timbiquí.

For this, he moved with his mother and uncle to the facilities of the Congress of the Republic to find support for his initiative.

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During his visit to that corporation, in the company of his mother and his uncle, Yanfry, very elegant for the occasion with a coat and bowtie, made a request to the senators and representatives to the House that met on the morning of Tuesday, November 22. .

“Hello! Good evening. How are they? Did they brush their teeth? I am looking for some gifts for my friends. Will you support me in this campaign? Thanks. God bless you. Amen,” the 4-year-old Chocoano said into a microphone.

Several congressmen responded that they will most certainly support him in his cause of brightening the Christmas season for the children of his region, one of the most poverty-stricken in our country.

Here his speech:

Regarding this initiative, Willy Angulo, vocalist of the Colombian Pacific group, said that many people have joined the initiative: «With Yanfry we are going to do a very nice project and a lot of people continue to join to collect gifts for bring them to all the boys and girls of the Pacific. We count on your help, we want you to make us a contribution so that these children are happy this holiday season,” he said in a local media.

It should be remembered that just a year ago, Yanfry rose to fame with a viral video when, back home after a school day, he told his uncle that he “walked like a man”, a phrase that moved many and made him go through from a thousand followers to close to a million on her Instagram account, which is run by adults.

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