“I am a designer for the metaverse”

“I am a designer for the metaverse”

The Spanish designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada tells EFE that she is not afraid of the “blank page”, of running out of inspiration.

It has its “own style”, and stresses that Spanish fashion is at a “sensational” moment.

In an interview on the occasion of the parade that he has planned for this Friday in Miami, as part of Miami Fashion Week (MFW), he highlights that this is a very special edition, since it arrives after two years of absence due to Covid-19.

To accentuate the “specialness” of this year’s edition, Agatha thought of doing a retrospective of her designs with her “most spectacular” suits, such as the wheel suits, the hoop suits and the “Michelin” suits, but she was asked to present a new collection and put it together “at full speed” “from A to Z”.

The result is 23 models for “cruise”, the specialty of the MFW, which this year has fashion and art as its “leitmotif”.

According to him, his fashion is “very Miami”, so much so that at one of the MFW events he met ladies dressed in suits that seemed to be his.

Of MFW he says that this year’s edition is the best of all and highlights the fact that it is the first fashion week in the world after having entered the metaverse.

“I am a designer for the metaverse,” says an always contradictory Agatha. “Although if you put a gun on me to tell you what that is, I couldn’t,” she stresses. EFE

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