Withdrawal of CTS 2022: Check here how much money you have in your account

Withdrawal of CTS 2022: Check here how much money you have in your account

Private sector workers can now access 100% of the Compensation for Time of Service (CTS) “in order to cover the economic needs caused by the pandemic.” In this note we explain the steps to see how much money you have in your account.

It should be noted that the CTS’s fundamental purpose is to anticipate the risk caused by the termination of the employment relationship and the consequent loss of your income, in a few words, it is the ‘insurance’ that the employee has when he breaks his relationship with the company in the one who has worked

How to know how much money you have from CTS?

Many times, the worker does not know how to access the statement of account for Compensation for Time of Service and this generates certain doubts.

First you must know in which financial entity you have been deposited. To be able to absolve this premise, we recommend you talk to your employer so that you can know said information.

If your money is deposited in the same entity where your salary is paid, request information about your account and you can join it so that you have a single card.

Once you have completed all these steps, you will be able to consult, according to the app of your financial institution or by phone, the amount you have in your CTS.

Who will be able to withdraw 100% of the CTS?

All workers, without exception, are authorized to make the disbursement of their entire CTS, but we must bear in mind that only those who are in the formal system can do so; since the other informal employees do not have this benefit.

Until when is the term to be able to withdraw the money from the CTS?

The rule specifies that workers included within the scope of the Single Ordered Text of Legislative Decree 650 are authorized only once and until December 31, 2023, to freely dispose of 100% of the CTS deposits made in the entities and that they have accumulated at the date of disposition.


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