Husband and son of trusted MGAP official sued for unpaid debts

Husband and son of trusted MGAP official sued for unpaid debts


The Florida Prosecutor’s Office ordered the seizure and prohibition of the sale of cattle at all fairs in the country for the defendants (the son and husband of María Mercedes Antía Behrens).

The Prosecutor’s Office also established that the sealing of guides with a change of ownership is strictly prohibited.

As it emerged in the last few hours through different media, the lawsuit arose from a person who did business with the two men and who reported that they did not pay him a corresponding amount for the purchase of cattle.

Attached to the MGAP

The fact has greater notoriety because they are direct relatives of a technical collaborator of the General Directorate of Rural Development, such as María Mercedes Antía Behrens, who is also the sister of the mayor of Maldonado, Enrique Antía Behrens.

Resolution No. 1,213/021, of September 2021, and which is signed by the Minister of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries, Fernando Mattos, provides for the hiring of Ms. María Mercedes Antía Behrens as “attached, with the purpose of collaborating as a Technician of the Executing Unit 007, General Directorate of Rural Development”.

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