Almonte destaca ritmo de crecimiento en instalación parques energía renovable

Almonte highlights growth rate in installation of renewable energy parks

“At the rate we are going in this government, I am convinced that in 2030 we will have much more than 30 percent of the energy produced based on renewable sources, because in this short time we are already above 20 percent”said the minister of Energy and MinesAntonio Almonte,
during the first pierce led by President Luis Abinader to start the installation of two photovoltaic parks in Mata Palma, municipality of Guerra.

Engineer Almonte stated that the push given by the president Abinader to non-conventional renewable energy projects has had to do with a vision and a strategic plan for transforming the electric sector Dominican.

“It is not a fashionable issue, it is a matter of planning thought before taking over the Government,” he said when accompanying the executives of the company Washington Global Capital Finance and Bas Corporation at the start of photovoltaic parks 2 and 3 in charge of the construction company Dominion Green.

The official said that the experience geopolitics that we are currently experiencing with the war between Russia and Ukraine leads small countries like the Dominican Republic to reconsider the need to create an energy security strategy based on the production of energy from
renewable sources.

He stated that the combination of tenders for the installation of power plants based on natural gas in chamomile and in Santo Domingo and another tender that will be launched for 800 megawatts, reflect the strategic vision of providing the country for the first time in a short term with enough energy to cover peak demand, guarantee the momentum of the economy and maintain a cold reserve that allows the country not to have more blackouts due to generation deficit.

“In the electrical sector, you walk with two feet and play the piano with ten fingers; that is, we are working on renewable generationin expansion of the electricity transmission network and we also have as a great challenge to strengthen, develop and make the electricity distribution subsector more efficient”, he said.

He also added: “we are trying to do the transit with a lower-cost fuel with less impact in environmental terms, such as natural gas, until reaching the massive production of renewable energies.”

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When referring to the project for the installation of two photovoltaic parks in palm bushindicated that the advantage of these initiatives is that in many cases their construction takes a year, a maximum of a year and a half, and they can be quickly connected to the network so that the population can receive the benefits of these projects, in addition to being eco-friendly. environment.

For these projects, located on Carlos Manuel Pumarol Avenue/Carretera 23, in the municipality of Guerra, a generation of job Directly to more than 500 people in its installation phase, and from its start-up it will also have local personnel, made up of executives, technicians, operators and workers.

It will have a maximum power of 50MW nominal each one, likewise each park will have more than 149,000 photovoltaic panels, 20 inverter-transformer stations, a 138 kV elevation substation of 60 MVA, and about 25 km of 138 kV line. A useful life of each project is expected to be no less than 30 years.

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